Monday, March 26, 2007

TSE Cashmere - Wonderful Investment

Well, it is overcast today and that put me in the mood to wear more cashmere!! Even though it's still about 80 degrees... it's gloomy looking. So, I'm going to review the cashmere brand: TSE.

Alright, if you buy TSE at retail prices, it's a decent investment. You will be spending hundreds on a wardrobe basic and much more for trendy, elaborated pieces. TSE, which is pronounced "say" has made a name for itself with its cashmere, but also makes luxurious blends and garments in other fabrics. Of course, I love their cashmere. TSE cashmere is sold in many department stores and boutiques. Saks Fifth Avenue has a great selection online at:

For detailed information on TSE's production methods, history, and FAQ's, visit:

At their website, you can view their collection and look up retailers in your state. What they will not tell you on their website is that they have an OUTLET (yes, outlet!!) in Cabazon, CA at the Desert Hill Premium Outlets. I have visited their outlet and it is wonderful. Their prices are anywhere from 15%-70% off. They are always busy in there so expect a line.

They sell their traditional TSE line, but they also have a lower-end, more affordable line called TSESay. So it's, "say say"! Very cute! Today, I will be reviewing the brand as a whole instead of garment by garment. I will do that another time as I have many of their pieces.

TSE Cashmere Brand
Quality 9
Style 9
Comfort 10
Price 4-5

Overall Value- Superior A

By superior, I mean that if you take care of your TSE cashmere pieces, they WILL last a lifetime. I would suggest buying their more classic designs as they will likely not go out of style. Some of their more trendy designs are beautiful, but are very pricey for one season's use. They will pill less than other brands because they use the best quality cashmere in their manufacturing.

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