Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Neiman Marcus Exclusives Cashmere- Excellent Value

Well, it's raining. It's been 90 degrees here for the last couple of weeks so this is a refreshing change. Good thing I always have a great cashmere sweater handy. This time, I'm wearing an uber-thick, grey, open-front, HAND-KNIT cardigan from Neiman Marcus Exclusives. Thus, I will be talking about this sweater and brand today. My number totals refer to the sweater, specifically. The Brand's Overall Value refers to the brand as a whole.

Over the years, Neiman Marcus has put out some beautiful cashmere sweaters from their Exclusives collection. I was disappointed this year but that hasn't stopped me from loving their stuff. Their Exclusives are made in a variety of places, but still have top-of-the-line quality. These pieces aren't as expensive as your Eskandar, Loro Piano, and Brunello Cuccinelli pieces, but are just as nice. This grey sweater rivals my hand-knit, pink Brunello Cuccinelli piece any day.

This NM sweater has become one of my favorites, so I have had to take care of it. This sweater wears extremely well. It does not pill nearly as bad as one would expect of such a thick knit sweater. This sweater is at least 10-ply and is as thick as it sounds. It is my perfect, lay around the house sweater. I've used it for traveling and for staying warm in 26-degree weather. It is lightweight, but warm. It is very comfortable, but can be tricky if you are moving around a lot, as it has no closure. This piece retailed at around the $400-$500 range. The style of this piece is GREAT. It is not trendy, but classic in style. It is hand knit, which gives it a one-of-a-kind feel. This has been and will be one of my favorites for a long time.

Neiman Marcus Exclusives Grey Cardigan:
Quality 8-9
Style 8
Comfort 10
Price 6

Brand's Overall Value: Excellent B+/A-

To see some of their pieces that are now ON SALE!! go to: and look in their sale section. If you search on the home page, it won't bring the good ones up! SO, go to the sales and values section, then search with the keyword "cashmere."

Quality: Evaluates construction, quality of materials, and lifespan.
Style: Trendy gets less points because you are less likely to wear it long-term. We want you to have some pieces that will last you a lifetime.
Comfort: Wearability and maneuverability while in it.
Price (retail):
$1,000+ 0 Points
$900-$1,000 1
$800-$900 2
$700-$800 3
$600-$700 4
$500-$600 5
$400-$500 6
$300-$400 7
$200-$300 8
$100-$200 9
Less than $100 10

Brand's Overall Value: Does not apply to any specific sweater. This is my opinion of the brand as a whole.

Keep in mind: Just because a sweater is cheap, doesn't mean it is quality... A piece of cashmere that is over $1,000 may get no points for price because it is plain expensive, but it doesn't mean that it's not worth it.


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