Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Loro Piana store in Las Vegas

Well, my fellow cashmere lovers, I went to the Loro Piana store (yes, that's right, a WHOLE STORE of Loro Piana Cashmere....) in Caesar's Palace's Forum Shops in Las Vegas last week and oh my!

I chatted with Bernard, who was very helpful, despite the fact that he knew I wasn't going to buy anything! HA! I told him about my ridiculous collection and how I took care of everything. I just received my first piece of Loro Piana cashmere and I was very excited to tell him how much I loved it. I also told him of my cashmere stuffed animals and he said "Well, that's one I've never heard!" Maybe he doesn't get out much. Ralph Lauren has cashmere stuffed animals for crying out loud. Jay Strongwater and Banana Republic do, too.

Anyway, I was interested to see Loro Piana's new line of Baby Cashmere. It's basically, the finest cashmere you can physically get. It's just that: baby cashmere. It's the cashmere off of a baby/young cashmere goat that is even finer than the finest adult cashmere. The glory of this cashmere is that you only get it once in a goat's life. That's it. So, it's a very precious product. OH MY GOODNESS was it incredibly soft. The pieces were very pricey and I would be horrified to spill something on it or to find a blasted moth hole. Now, I take very good care of my cashmere, but I swear, I'd become a moth hunter with this one. I'd be neurotic.

They also had "Waterproof" cashmere. If you have ever spilled water on yourself (or even soda, sshhhhh) then you know that good cashmere is "waterproof" for a good 5 seconds. I've spilled soda and soaked it up before it could soak in. However, this new cashmere boasts that it is 100% waterproof. No soaking in whatsoever. So, I guess that's nice if it's raining. But, honestly, who would wear their Loro Piana cashmere in the rain? Not me. I'd go with one of my cheaper pieces for sure. Cashmere isn't harmed by water, but man, I still wouldn't do it. It feels wrong or something.

Also, Bernard showed me a purse made from Elephant leather. That's one I'VE never heard before. It was really neat to touch but was waaaaaaay out of my price range. Plus, I want their cashmere, not their purses, sheesh.

Their other newish venture is luxury cashmere goods for the home. They've done it for luxury private planes, etc. but now they offer it to exclusive Interior Designers. They make carpet. GAH! Carpet. As wonderful as that would feel... come on. Granted, if I could afford it, I would totally buy it and make my cashmere closet complete, but who comes up with this stuff? They once made a cashmere jump rope and now have cashmere roll-up board games... I should work for them. They need me. (I wish)

Last thing, I'm on the catalog mailing list! WOOOOHHOOOOO! I couldn't find evidence of a catalog online before I went and I'm so glad I asked about it. I will jump for joy when I get one. I had to fill out a customer card where they leave space for your credit card number. That way, you can walk in next time, say "I want one of everything" and leave. Bernard told me that people do it all the time. Some people have multiple cards for their multiple homes and say, "send it to the house in Paris, not the New York apartment please." Lifestyles of the rich and famous...

So, that was my trip. It was so fun! Someday I'll go in there and clear them out... some day.