Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cashmere + RAIN = ???

Well, it finally rained. And it rained hard... for three days. So, what did I do? I hung a cashmere sweater outside the WHOLE TIME! Yes, like 50+ hours! I took some before pictures and during pictures. I didn't take an after picture, because it looked the same as the before pictures.

So, the good news: CASHMERE + RAIN = HARMLESS!! (Unless it's acid rain or something) If you don't let it hang on a hanger (one of the cardinal rules about cashmere!!) then you should make it out OK. Apparently, cashmere is not damaged by rain like the vachetta on your Louis Vuitton. Leave that inside.


Right after I hung it outside. Look at the shoulders.

The next morning. Here you can see how the weight of the water has pulled at the shoulders.


More details.

And even more.

I hope this helps those of you who live in rainy climates!