Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Sales!!!

Ok, so I couldn't escape on my trip before telling you of some of the great sales going on right now on cashmere!!

Ivory, long, belted sweater coat, L
For $134.99

Boatneck sweater, two colors, most sizes
For $39.99

They also have crew neck, turtle neck, and other neck lines, all for $39.99. They also have some cashmere scarves and accessories in the $30-$40 range.

Grey chunky sweater jacket with fur trim, L
For $150 - Although I don't normally buy fur, I think this is really cool looking.

A bunch of their other cashmere is an additional 50-60% the lowest price!!

Neiman Marcus:
TSE sweater jacket/coat, big billowy, Med only
For $359

Other sale items an additional 40% off. I think they could do better...

Cool, chunky, grey, short-sleeved, sweater jacket, L-XL
For $109.56

Boatneck type, banded hem, very flattering sweater, lots of sizes
For $104

Puff sleeves, with bow, short sleeve, feminine sweater
For $78.36

Plus, a lot of other great deals! Up to 75% off. Chunky blankets down to $320 from $800.

Have fun taking advantage of these sales!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Out for the holidays!

Well, I am one lucky lady and will be on a fantastic trip to celebrate my marriage of 5 years, from December 27th through January 15th. SO, any questions or comments will not be answered until I get back! Enjoy your cashmere!