Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Results of the Cashmere Stain Test

First off, I must apologize for not getting these posted sooner. However, I think they are worth the wait!!

I decided to stain the cashmere with wine and two colors of lipstick/lipgloss. I used the same, poor sweater that I used in the rain experiment... So, it has served us well. The stain treatments I tried were: Stain Remover from The Laundress, Zout, Shout Advanced, and WD-40. Yes, WD-40!

Here we go!! Stained pieces:

Naturally, I blotted all the stains before trying any stain treatments. This is what the wine looked like after blotting:

Here's the line-up of products along with the wine peices soaking in their treatments. I let them soak for about 5 minutes before rinsing. The wine pieces seemed to do just fine without any additional blotting, once the treatments were applied.

Upon first glance, I thought that Zout would work the best. Notice how it almost "removed" the wine in the places where I drizzled it directly.

With the lipstick pieces, I started by soaking everything, same as the wine. However, I was too excited to test the WD-40 myth so I started with that one differently. I sprayed it on, then blotted as much as I could, then repeated. Look at how much it took out on my first treatment!!

Here's what they all looked like after a final rinsing. Notice how the WD-40 is the only sample that removed the lipstick. Also, notice how it did absolutely nothing to the wine... Very interesting, don't you think?? Now, take a look at the wine samples. The Laundress' stain treatment didn't work as well as I had anticipated, and I coated the wine with a LOT of product. So, I was rather disappointed with that one. The middle two turned out about the same. No real trace of the wine, however, in sunlight against my white sink, the Zout left a yellowish residue not visible in other lighting. The SHOUT left it all perfectly clean! So, my initial guess was NOT accurate!

After the samples dried, I decided to give the WD-40 a shot at the stains that the Shout didn't get out. And look how it did after one treatment! At this point, I started to label things...

Finally, the group photo!

I tried to take a picture outside, however, the wind caught the foil and threw all the pieces everywhere. So, I gave up on that. Hope you enjoyed this little experiment of mine!