Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas Sales!!!

Ok, so I couldn't escape on my trip before telling you of some of the great sales going on right now on cashmere!!

Ivory, long, belted sweater coat, L
For $134.99

Boatneck sweater, two colors, most sizes
For $39.99

They also have crew neck, turtle neck, and other neck lines, all for $39.99. They also have some cashmere scarves and accessories in the $30-$40 range.

Grey chunky sweater jacket with fur trim, L
For $150 - Although I don't normally buy fur, I think this is really cool looking.

A bunch of their other cashmere is an additional 50-60% the lowest price!!

Neiman Marcus:
TSE sweater jacket/coat, big billowy, Med only
For $359

Other sale items an additional 40% off. I think they could do better...

Cool, chunky, grey, short-sleeved, sweater jacket, L-XL
For $109.56

Boatneck type, banded hem, very flattering sweater, lots of sizes
For $104

Puff sleeves, with bow, short sleeve, feminine sweater
For $78.36

Plus, a lot of other great deals! Up to 75% off. Chunky blankets down to $320 from $800.

Have fun taking advantage of these sales!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Out for the holidays!

Well, I am one lucky lady and will be on a fantastic trip to celebrate my marriage of 5 years, from December 27th through January 15th. SO, any questions or comments will not be answered until I get back! Enjoy your cashmere!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cashmere finds of the week! 10/10

So, I've decided to try something new on my blog for a bit. We will see how long this lasts... I'm going to give you my cashmere finds of the week. Basically, great deals, things I would buy if I had the spare $$, etc. As I find great deals online, I'll post em. This week, I have found a few gorgeous things on ebay and Neiman Marcus. Had I not just bought another Louis Vuitton, I'd be all over a few of these. Here we go:

1) Ebay: AGNONA sweater jacket w/ removable collar. BIN at $199!!!

2) Ebay: CELINE cashmere outfit. BIN $575 OBO.

3) Neiman Marcus: Cashmere slippers, 2 colors, sizes 7-9. $40 I own these and they are very snuggly! Great Christmas gifts!

4) Neiman Marcus: Long cable sweater- super thick! $295

If any of you get any of these things, let me know! I'm telling you... that Agnona is an absolute steal!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Results of the Cashmere Stain Test

First off, I must apologize for not getting these posted sooner. However, I think they are worth the wait!!

I decided to stain the cashmere with wine and two colors of lipstick/lipgloss. I used the same, poor sweater that I used in the rain experiment... So, it has served us well. The stain treatments I tried were: Stain Remover from The Laundress, Zout, Shout Advanced, and WD-40. Yes, WD-40!

Here we go!! Stained pieces:

Naturally, I blotted all the stains before trying any stain treatments. This is what the wine looked like after blotting:

Here's the line-up of products along with the wine peices soaking in their treatments. I let them soak for about 5 minutes before rinsing. The wine pieces seemed to do just fine without any additional blotting, once the treatments were applied.

Upon first glance, I thought that Zout would work the best. Notice how it almost "removed" the wine in the places where I drizzled it directly.

With the lipstick pieces, I started by soaking everything, same as the wine. However, I was too excited to test the WD-40 myth so I started with that one differently. I sprayed it on, then blotted as much as I could, then repeated. Look at how much it took out on my first treatment!!

Here's what they all looked like after a final rinsing. Notice how the WD-40 is the only sample that removed the lipstick. Also, notice how it did absolutely nothing to the wine... Very interesting, don't you think?? Now, take a look at the wine samples. The Laundress' stain treatment didn't work as well as I had anticipated, and I coated the wine with a LOT of product. So, I was rather disappointed with that one. The middle two turned out about the same. No real trace of the wine, however, in sunlight against my white sink, the Zout left a yellowish residue not visible in other lighting. The SHOUT left it all perfectly clean! So, my initial guess was NOT accurate!

After the samples dried, I decided to give the WD-40 a shot at the stains that the Shout didn't get out. And look how it did after one treatment! At this point, I started to label things...

Finally, the group photo!

I tried to take a picture outside, however, the wind caught the foil and threw all the pieces everywhere. So, I gave up on that. Hope you enjoyed this little experiment of mine!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Crazy Cashmere Stains

I am going to do something horrific: sacrifice a piece of cashmere for the sake of science. I am going to cut a sweater up in many pieces, stain each one of them, and do my darndest to get them out!

But, I need your help in deciding what to stain them with... I'm taking suggestions and votes. I've added a poll to the right where you can send me your vote for your favorite thing. If there's something else you would like to see, add a comment to this post.

I'll pick the best ones at the end of next week and get started with my stains! I'll post pictures of how it all turns out and list my processes the following week, so stay tuned!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Cashmere Connoisseur's Collection

Many of you have been wondering about my personal cashmere collection. Well, I can tell you that I have way too much (I've stopped counting the number of pieces), but love it anyway! I decided to show you how I store and display my cashmere. Although it isn't air-tight, I haven't had a single problem with moths (*knock on wood*). I think this is probably because I keep my cashmere nice and clean! So, as I sink my head in shame and sign up for "Cashmere Collector's Anonymous", enjoy the pictures! P.S. All the pieces in the pictures are 100% cashmere, no blends. Here is a picture of my main collection. This is the "everyday" cashmere stuff. The boxes are devoted mainly to cashmere accessories- gloves, scarves, etc.This is the top left cabinet portion. It basically holds the really bulky cashmere pieces. This is the bottom left cabinet. I obviously have a shortage of green cashmere! My husband and I do, however, have an adorable Pekingese named Kuzco making an appearance... Here is the top right cabinet. It contains basically the neutral cashmere, including some chunky pieces.Finally, there's the bottom right cabinet. The black stack sort of disappears, but it's there.I keep my super special pieces in smaller, fabric boxes. These include some designer, rare, or vintage pieces.Yes, I color-coordinate the rest of my closet. It's something I've done as long as I can remember. I'm not sure when I started doing that, but it's stuck!Well, there you have it! My entire personal collection- minus the pieces that need to be washed. I didn't feel like waiting to include those. Also, this doesn't include the 30+ pieces I have set aside for my crafting endeavors. If you have any questions or nice comments (I already know I have a problem, ha!)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cashmere + RAIN = ???

Well, it finally rained. And it rained hard... for three days. So, what did I do? I hung a cashmere sweater outside the WHOLE TIME! Yes, like 50+ hours! I took some before pictures and during pictures. I didn't take an after picture, because it looked the same as the before pictures.

So, the good news: CASHMERE + RAIN = HARMLESS!! (Unless it's acid rain or something) If you don't let it hang on a hanger (one of the cardinal rules about cashmere!!) then you should make it out OK. Apparently, cashmere is not damaged by rain like the vachetta on your Louis Vuitton. Leave that inside.


Right after I hung it outside. Look at the shoulders.

The next morning. Here you can see how the weight of the water has pulled at the shoulders.


More details.

And even more.

I hope this helps those of you who live in rainy climates!