Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cleaning out the connoisseur's closet...

Many of you may have seen my post of what my cashmere collection looks like... I call it a collection (#denial) but a more accurate term is probably: HOARD. I'm an organized hoarder. They're all in rainbow order neatly stacked on shelves (I wouldn't DREAM of hanging them! *gasp*) with labels of what color the stack is supposed to be. Overkill, yes. Does it make my OCD happy? Yes'm!

Anyway, I'm looking to get rid of some of the collection *ahem* hoard... So tell me: what size are you? What type of sweater are you looking for? Need some cashmere scraps to make some kind of fiber art with? Let me know! I'd love to pass along some of my pieces to new homes. Time to clear out some space and make way for the loads of baby stuff we have now.

That's right, I'm a mommy! Two little kiddos now. One which is only 6 weeks old! My girl is 2 and my little man is about the same size as my 2-year old. LOL. Send me a message through my website with what you're looking for and I'll let you know if I have it :o)

I answer EVERY email through my website, so if you don't hear back from me, send it again, k? If I haven't answered you within a week it means it got lost in the inbox full of junk mail or read at a 3 am feeding and promptly forgotten about. Thanks friends! Happy Summer!

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fzillion said...

Teen girls, is it a turn off to dress nicely?
cashmere cardigans