Wednesday, October 29, 2014

J Crew Baby Cashmere

Well, J Crew has done it again: made amazingly cute cashmere sweaters for little kiddos. If only I could afford to shell out $145 on four or five (ok, twelve) cashmere sweaters for my sweet little girl. The problem is, she's a rough and tumble little girl and at just 19 mos she's managed to ding herself up quite a bit. She loves to RUN and consequently, gets dirty. I just can't spend that much on something that might not make it past one wear. But, you should. Seriously. Especially if you have a little man who happens to be in the infant stage where they don't move around a lot, but have stopped spitting up. In which case, BLOW YOUR MONEY ON THIS:

J. Crew has this on backorder, but it's expected to ship November 10th. Whoop-de-doo a whopping two week wait. Worth it! And it's 25% off of $145 right now and you should have it. You just should. It's French, it's adorable, and will make everyone smile. And make you want to snuggle your little man more than you already do because cashmere just does that to people. You're welcome. And PS, sell it to me when you're done because I have a nephew who is going to be born early December who will be an angel baby and never spit up on his cashmere sweaters. Thanks! ;o)

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Fzillion Manager said...

All very good points to note!!! Looking forward to seeing what is in the baggies!

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