Friday, March 20, 2009

Extra 20% off Final Sale at J Crew!

Spotted some cashmere at JCrew lately?? Well, there's now an additional 20% off of their sale stuff (INCLUDING CASHMERE!) until March 21st (TOMROROW!) Use code: EXTRA 20 at checkout and score some cashmere at an extra discount!


Gata said...

What do you think of the quality of JCrew's cashmere? I like their higher gauge sweaters (3 or 1.5) as they do not seem to pill much. But I stay away from their 12 gauge or summer cashmere (super think) because it pills horribly! I read that it is Loro Piana cashmere.

Cashmere Connoisseur said...

Hi Gata!
I completely agree with your observations/opinions. Overall, their quality is good, but not great. I've heard their cashmere is Loro Piana yarn, but it certainly does not compare to Loro Piana's quality. So, I'm not sure if it's just made in the same factory with lesser-quality yarn, or what. You'll find that thinner cashmere sweaters, no matter what the brand, will pill more than a normal gauge sweater. The super chunky sweaters are the same way. I've never seen a thin or super thick sweater stop pilling. Even my luxury brands pill, but not as bad. The normal gauge sweaters do much better, pilling-wise. I like JCrew for trendy cashmere, but I don't buy my basic pieces from them. Since I like the trendy stuff, I buy it on sale because it doesn't last long in my wardrobe. Couple seasons, max. With the quantity of cashmere I have, I can't justify paying retail for a few uses. If you have the money to blow, then go for it! But, I don't see JCrew's cashmere lasting 50 years like some I have in my closet... Hope that helps!