Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dogs and Cashmere

Well, my husband and I got a puppy a few weeks ago, so I have been busy! The cashmere in my house has remained undamaged... so far. One day, he'll escape from his puppy pen and BAM! all will be lost. My theory on dogs and cashmere is that THEY LOVE IT!!

I sell cashmere stuffed animals at which are often given to children as new toys. I have had to create replacement animals because family pets have destroyed the stuffed animals. Dogs, for whatever reason, are drawn to cashmere and will EAT it!!

Here's my theory:
1) A dog will go up to the toy because is LOOKS like something they would be allowed to play with.
2) They start to bite/chew said toy.
3) The toy starts to smell like a "friend." (If you have ever washed cashmere by hand- it smells like wet dog!!!)
4) Dog thinks, "Hey! I know you! You smell like me!" and continues to destroy said toy.

The end.

Point of the story: If you value your cashmere toys and sweaters, keep them away from your canine family members! Moths are NOT the only enemies of your cashmere collection...

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Rosetta said...

I don't know about dogs; but, every ferret I have ever had loves sleeping in my cashmere sweaters more than any other. One of my fuzzies tried pulling the back of the dresser off in order to access the sweater drawer for a nap. No eating or destroying, just napping. Have a hunch it's the same sniffing concept. Thanks for all the cashmere info.