Monday, July 28, 2014

New way to buy used cashmere!

I like to buy things second-hand for a lot of reasons. Mainly, the discount that is usually involved... But also the eco-friendly component (reduce, reuse, and recycle, people!), the fact that you're probably not going to ever be wearing the same thing as any of your family or friends, you can score one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, AND save enough money to buy something else you've had your eyes on. It's a win-win-win-win situation in my book! If the fact that someone else once wore something doesn't bother you, then I encourage you all to consider buying cashmere second-hand. If it's good quality and taken care of properly, you can pass it on to your grandkids... It's not going to wear out and get "bleh" like cotton does.

Ok, so this "new" way to buy used cashmere is ThredUp. They're an online (they have an app, too!) second-hand clothing store. And for whatever reason, sometimes their cashmere is CHEAP! I've bought a bunch from them already including a TSE twin set with a beautiful print and silk accents for $25. TSE. For $25. A SET. Awesome. But it doesn't stop there!!! You can order a clean-out bag to send in your own clothes that you don't wear anymore, and they will give you store credit in exchange. They also have a consignment set up for the pieces that are worth a lot of $$ so don't let that scare you. Basically, you send in a bag of last year's clothes and end up with a box filled with new-to-you goodies for pennies! I love this idea. It's so economical and FUN! 

This sweater? Elena Solano, 100% Cashmere, size M for $10.49. See?!!

But wait, there's more! If you use this link to go to their site and you haven't ordered before, you get $10 to spend for free. And I get $10 to spend for free. Can't beat that, right? So once you place an order, tell your friends and family because you can score even more great stuff at huge discounts for referring them. You're welcome! ;o)

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