Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Cashmere Connoisseur's Collection

Many of you have been wondering about my personal cashmere collection. Well, I can tell you that I have way too much (I've stopped counting the number of pieces), but love it anyway! I decided to show you how I store and display my cashmere. Although it isn't air-tight, I haven't had a single problem with moths (*knock on wood*). I think this is probably because I keep my cashmere nice and clean! So, as I sink my head in shame and sign up for "Cashmere Collector's Anonymous", enjoy the pictures! P.S. All the pieces in the pictures are 100% cashmere, no blends. Here is a picture of my main collection. This is the "everyday" cashmere stuff. The boxes are devoted mainly to cashmere accessories- gloves, scarves, etc.This is the top left cabinet portion. It basically holds the really bulky cashmere pieces. This is the bottom left cabinet. I obviously have a shortage of green cashmere! My husband and I do, however, have an adorable Pekingese named Kuzco making an appearance... Here is the top right cabinet. It contains basically the neutral cashmere, including some chunky pieces.Finally, there's the bottom right cabinet. The black stack sort of disappears, but it's there.I keep my super special pieces in smaller, fabric boxes. These include some designer, rare, or vintage pieces.Yes, I color-coordinate the rest of my closet. It's something I've done as long as I can remember. I'm not sure when I started doing that, but it's stuck!Well, there you have it! My entire personal collection- minus the pieces that need to be washed. I didn't feel like waiting to include those. Also, this doesn't include the 30+ pieces I have set aside for my crafting endeavors. If you have any questions or nice comments (I already know I have a problem, ha!)