Thursday, September 20, 2012

Knocked up and wearin cashmere!

Welllll, we did it! I'm pregnant! I'm due in February and the timing couldn't be better. I get to spend all the chilly winter months in my cashmere! Yippee!!! I'll be posting stuff that I find (if anything) for babies and mommies-to-be... My mom and I went to a huge maternity consignment sale a couple weeks ago and managed to find ONE piece of cashmere for the baby! It's a little cream sweater with buttons down the front and is SO cute! I KNOW baby cashmere exists because I've seen it a million times on eBay, but I've not stumbled on maternity cashmere yet. You can bet our baby is gonna be snuggled up in it as much as I can manage, though. Good thing I'm crafty ;o) The hunt is on!!!!